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vscode is great

I am connected to a docker container on a robot and it works

every time I search for ROSARIA ( I forget that I need to specify "ros" and get the Genshin character in the results instead

today's plans: writte a hello world with and then write something to expose it to ROS2

Book: "The implicit binary point is shown in blue for clarity"
My grey-scale e-ink reader: uhhhh

*clicks youtube link*
*the video starts with rapidly alternating black and white screens*
me: ah, I guess I need to restart the compositor/and or Xorg again was actually the video

all I do with this nintendo switch is play rocket league as if I wasn't already able to do this with like, two computers I have

DFV said “I like the stock” to Congress

I just read "Linux Kernel 5.4 is Rolling Out Via Windows Update" and I swear I had to read that twice because my brain went full WTF.

We're living in strange times.

now we need to put all the stuff that used to be on the Ubuntu 12 installation that used to be there in Docker and start rewriting it using more recent version of stuff

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today at work I'm installing ubuntu 20 on a robot

I like danger so I play Jump Rope Challenge without the Joycon straps attached

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