I just reached up to the shelf my gemini server sits on and gave it a pat and told it "you're doing a good job".

vscode is great

I am connected to a docker container on a robot and it works

every time I search for ROSARIA (wiki.ros.org/ROSARIA) I forget that I need to specify "ros" and get the Genshin character in the results instead

today's plans: writte a hello world with github.com/reedhedges/AriaCoda and then write something to expose it to ROS2

Book: "The implicit binary point is shown in blue for clarity"
My grey-scale e-ink reader: uhhhh

*clicks youtube link*
*the video starts with rapidly alternating black and white screens*
me: ah, I guess I need to restart the compositor/and or Xorg again

...it was actually the video

@amsomniac Though, having an actually good & 100% working Linux distro with a mobile UI because there is a corporation paying people to make it work was a very nice thing, and I think that'll take a while to achieve again

@amsomniac I might try one day. Back when I broke it I had 0 experience with soldering. I still have almost none, but it's broken anyway, so...

@amsomniac I still have mine but the USB port came off, and from what I've been told it's v/ hard to fix :(

all I do with this nintendo switch is play rocket league as if I wasn't already able to do this with like, two computers I have

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