damn coding stuff for weird devices (e.g. reMarkable) makes it fun again

I'm making a libgen.rs client

next up: Gemini client

other weird device stuff that makes programming fun:

Raspberry Pi Pico's PIOs!!!

it's so incredibly powerful and that's so surprising when you consider it's limitations (only 9 CPU instructions? no arithmetic except `JMP x--`? only 32 instructions to share among 4 PIOs? and we could make it output a VGA signal with just that!)

I want to learn OS dev to make a distributed OS for a stack of $5 Pico's

and given that we have VGA output implemented, it can even have an UI


because rendering the actual stuff will probably take an entire core, I might use the second core to talk to other Picos over serial and provide them with an API to make graphical UI

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