sensor_msgs/msg/point_cloud.hpp was so good they made sensor_msgs/msg/point_cloud2.hpp

damn I hate when I dont notice that an account is not public and send a follow request accidentaly Im sorry

Maybe I should just change the client I use to one that asks for confirmation, if there is one

Oh this is embarrassing, like wearing the band shirt to see the band (selfie, ec, large herbivores)

CW: I don't even know? Related to gender but it's about color assignments in google assistant and "political correctness", so maybe just CW: stupidity? 

What the hell. How can you look at those colors and think about political correctness lol

And I think there's a few more voices (maybe it depends if you use british english or american or something like that), with completely different colors...


it's always DNS

every now and then my containers VM was losing access to LDAP which meant I cannot log in with my main user and all the services were inaccessible

for some reason it wasn't able to access DNS to resolve the local `` domain

idk, I blame systemd-resolved or something

This is a long shot, but I want to put the power of social media and federation to the test.

My son wants to become a commercial airline pilot when he’s grown up. It would be awesome if we could find a commercial pilot in the fediverse that we can follow and ask questions of.

If everyone who reads this could boost it, it would be much appreciated and it would mean the world to my son if he could get in touch with a real-life commercial pilot! ✈️

#pilot #flying #airline #jet #boeing #airbus

I saw this and it won't leave my head so now you have to hear it too

Sure, it sucks that the web was turned into a horrendous bloated platform for applications — but when you consider that the alternative we almost ended up with was everyone being forced to use Windows, it's not so bad.

idea: a physics-based VR file merge tool, where you smash two files together and wherever the pieces fall that's the merge result

because rendering the actual stuff will probably take an entire core, I might use the second core to talk to other Picos over serial and provide them with an API to make graphical UI

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I want to learn OS dev to make a distributed OS for a stack of $5 Pico's

and given that we have VGA output implemented, it can even have an UI

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other weird device stuff that makes programming fun:

Raspberry Pi Pico's PIOs!!!

it's so incredibly powerful and that's so surprising when you consider it's limitations (only 9 CPU instructions? no arithmetic except `JMP x--`? only 32 instructions to share among 4 PIOs? and we could make it output a VGA signal with just that!)

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damn coding stuff for weird devices (e.g. reMarkable) makes it fun again

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